Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday, 3rd July 2008

If i have a camera right now,
i would capture a picture of the library,
it's not as it use to be,
pack with people studying for their exam,
but not today,
today the library is emtpy,
and there are only few students at the moment.

Sem 1 students are having their semester break,
same goes to sem 2 and sem 3 students,
and soon,
the semester 5 will be living IMU,
as today is their last exam,
and of course me,
and a bunch of my friends will be replacing them.

Thinking of that,
i must be prepared,
i must be strong,
i must be brave,
to face my mysterious future,
and where ever i will be,
i'll remember this day,
as a quite, slow moving day,
where the sun doesn't shine as bright as yesterday,
where i'm alone,
in this freezing library.

1 comment:

hati batu said...

sabar.. kejap je lagi exam abes.