Friday, April 15, 2011

Long Forgotten...

At some point in my life, writing was something that I always enjoy even though sometimes what I have written not even impressed me at all.

As time goes by, there's little time and less story for me to share with all my friends, and vice versa people are getting busy with their life as their open a new chapter of their life.

Do I still have the passion to write?

Man can never have to many dreams!
My dreams changes everytime and most of the times it's due to adaptation that I have to make according to recent event/scenario.
I used to dream to be a doctor to save people life and always thought that it's something easy to do. I know it may sound wrong, I decided to do medicine without a very clear mind. It's not about what I'm expecting from this job as a doctor, but it's more on the job expectation on me!

Every profession have their own responsibility, and each is different. With medicine, I never thought the responsibility will be this heavy and demanding. Studying medicine is hard work and I can't see my self as a doctor yet at the moment. Most doctors would agree with me but at the same time, it's the most rewarding profession at the end of the day.

Along with this hard work and challenging dream, which insyaAllah to be achieved next year, I have few others.

Doctor might not be my definite profession for life, but I think medicine is! As I mentioned earlier, I used to enjoy writing and actually I still am. But this dream have long way to go as I have never start on it yet.