Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy MOnth, Sad month...

Here come August, and
In about less than 30 days,
I'll be saying good bye to my family and friends
for I will travel far across countries
For my childhood dream
and hope one day
I'll find what I've been looking for
eternal peace

Problems will never be solved
When no action is taken
It will come every second in your life
even during your happiest moment

Some problem are to stubborn
they stick on you like parasite
never let go, till you suffocated
grasping for air
and during this critical time
most of us loss our mind
and act foolishly
which welcome more problems

It just a reminder
from our Creator
for us
not too drifted away
from His path

Friday, July 31, 2009

S.O.X All Stars

For a moment, this advertisement did make me confuse because i thought it would be the National Marching Band competition.
So, as ususal double and triple check at the voteband website, and date and the venue is still the same, which is next week and will be in Pasir Gudang.

Then I check the website, and give much relieve and much much good news, cause it will be different competition and it's like double competition for me and triple competition for my fellow friends!!

Want to know more about it, Please feel free to go to the website.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Animal Planet...

Mungkin anda semua tertanya-tanya, iols nak buat entry pasal binatang ke?

Hmmm, kalo nak jawab TAK, jawapannya YA, tapi kalo jawab YA, TAK sebenarnya.
Kalo nak tau kena lah baca entry iols ni sampai habis yerk!

Well, i guess this image doesn't need an introduction because definitely most of you guys know who is this supposed to be!

If your answer is ME, well that is correct!

10 Points for you

Let, see what/who else i have in line.....

This fren of mine is really 'chantum' (what he's believe he is), but everyone call him 'hodoh' if not in front of him, definitely behind his back!
Eventhough he's physically un attractive, but everyone love him as who he is, plus he has really nice and his funny character, other than 'jadi mangsa lawak kita orang'.
Back in school, and until now actually, some of us still call him with his animal name. Some of us just have the animal name, but for this special fren, he has an animal name with the country of origin, how cool is that!

Presenting to you.........

Katak Indon!

10 more points if your answer is correct!

Next animal is really big and furry, but not scarry though. He has very unique style of walking and really a nice person. Love to hang out with him cause definitely we make a lot of joke especially when the above animal is around, 'selalu dihangjingkan!'. Eventhough we didn't hang out soooo often, but every time we did, i had a good time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome......

Teddy Talez

This animal is really 'kecoh' and in old malay proverb would say, 'bertelur sebiji, riuh sekampung'. By that i'm 100% sure that all of you already claim your 10 points.
He's really a special fren, best fren I would say. We met during our first year in EC, when i joined the school marching band, and he was really2 want me to play trumpet, as he used to say, 'oh, senang je main trumpet ni. Awak buat bibir awak mcm awak sebut huruf M, MMMMM.... pastu awak tiup, mcm ni, MMMMMM....'(and of course, that time he's always with his handkerchief and this moment is not exceptional)

Can he bake??? Not so sure about that, be he can definitely fry!!!
well everyone can i guess....

This is what he's currently doing now, reading his way to secure his title...and kita semua yakin AWAK BOLEH!

If the hen in the picture above is completely comfortable in her 'nest', well my fren here need a larger one, as always and it's always be bigger when we met!

In addition to the hen, i have another best fren who come from the same family, bird. If hen can't fly, this one definitely can.

He's not only can fly, but he's already on his way to fame!(agak melampau ayat ni, x lah famous sgt pun! hahaha)

First clue!
(perlu ker???)

Koleksi peribadi tuan punya badan!!
Obses sgt katanya...

This talented bird make his first debut in Digi Advertisement when we call him 'just a dot'(seriously true! hehe) and 'a flash' in the second ads, McD.

The DOT advertisement!!!
(Not a Good picture, I know...Kalaulah iklan ni popular skit senang nak cari gambo)

What ever advertisement he's in or whether he's popular or not, he will always be my best frens. There so many moments together that I can never forget, not only the happy one, but also the moment when we share our fear and sadness.

Yg ni pun nak kekalkan Title Jugak!!

For whatever animal you are, i'm always happy and blessed to have you guys as my frenssss!!!

sOKLan Bonus

Sapa agaknya yg sesuai dgn character di atas????
Clue : Recent activity....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

will These be the last??

7 July 2009

Ke KL lagi dgn pelbagai tugasan dan tujuan. Tak der lah banyak mana pun, tapi sudah di amanahkan maka haruslah di laksanakan.

8 July 2009

Woke up early and drove my niece to school, and get my self ready to go to the UK Visa Application Centre. Since i'm not very familiar with the KL road, i just parked my car in Bkt Jalil LRT Station and take the LRT to Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang. The visa centre situated on the 19th floor of the building and harus security tip top kat situ! Hmmm, my appointment was at 10 am, but it doesn't really mater if you haven't have one. There were not many people at that time, so it took around 20 minutes for me to submit my application.

Well, I'm supposed to meet my freind Zharif that morning, however he can't make it because there was a family emergency he need to attend.

After done with the visa application, as planned i went to KLCC. Not in my mind to do shopping, but since Big Chunk of money had been used for my visa application, i feeled much relief and it's some sort of a green light to do 'SOME' shopping. From KLCC to Sg Wang Plaza, where i lost a lot of my money there!

Before I went to KLCC, I did call Naguib and both of us agreed to meet in Mines for lunch, but we changed the venue to Tesco Ampang. So, i'm quite rushing with the shopping and walk like super fast, and I was late, super duper late because Naguib and his sister already finished with their lunch. We tried to rearrange back our plan and change the venue, but since i'm not familiar with the road, we'll just meet at the same place.

After i had my lunch while listen to Naguib' story, i went straight home.

10 July 2009

Sudah tentu, Hari ini adalah hari yg tersangat lah penting utk seorang kawan tu, dan kawan ini bukan lah calang2 kawan, antara kawan terbaik yg pernah saya ada. Macam-macam rancangan sebenarnya dah plan dengan farhat, cuma x terlaksana je, tapi apa plan itu, haruslah menjadi rahsia, mana tau boleh guna tahun depan??

Pukul 8.30 malam, satu majlis makan2 di adakan di Restoran Delicious sempena menyambut hari Kelahirannya. Saya bertolak dari rumah dalam pkl 6.30 ptg dan bersolat maghrib di Times Square sambil berwindow shopping, sempat ni!

Jumpa Farhat dkt Stesen LRT Ampang Park pukul 8 ++ malam, dan dari situ kami pun menuju ke restoran itu yang tak berapa jauh dari stesen LRT tersebut. Mereka sudah pun menunggu ke tibaan kami semua ( VVIP sungguh, mcm bday weols pulak!! hehe).

Makanan nya sungguh delicious, bersesuaian dgn namanya jugak, dan buat pertama kalinya (kalo x silaplah ) saya makan itik. Dan sebagai pengganti kepada kek, kami hanya makan cupcakes!!

Masa kita org sampai kat Situ, Naguib siap tanya pasal hadiah, malu weols semua sebab datang dengan tangan kosong. Tapi tak pe lah, yg penting kita org datang nak celebrate bday dgn Naguib dan kawan2. Selepas makan, apa lagi, snap sana, snap sini, ambil gambo! hehe...

Kita org beredar dari situ dlm pukul 11 malam, and before keluar tu kami pun telefon lah naguib (yg rasanya dah jauh kehadapan, maklumlah kereta dia kan laju) dan mengatakan Surprise, kami ada hadiah utk dia sebenarnya, cuma firasat mengatakan kalo bagi dia awal mesti dia akan buka hadiah tu on the spot, dan firasat kami mmg betul!

Di sebabkan lewat malam, saya pun bermalam lah di rumah kakak farhat di Sri Kembangan, dan kami tidu lebih kurang jam 3 pagi selepas kami berborak dan farhat menunjukkan segala model2 ciptaannya yg saya mmg tersangatlah kagum!

11 July 2009

Farhat is so hardworking! Because he's working on Saturday, so we have to get up early that day so that Farhat won't be late for work.

13 July 2009

Received SMS from VFS saying that my pasport is ready and can be collcected

14 July 2009

Went back to the Wisma MCA to collect my Visa, and today is totally different from last Wednesday, there were so many people waiting for their number to be called. For collection, we don't have to take any number as they will calling our names, and lucky enough it's only took around 30 minutes!

After that, i went to Mid Valley to do a little bit of shopping and quite disapointed because almost of the items that i want to purchase is no longger available. So, after buying something, i went for lunch and watched ICE AGE 3.

16 July 2009

I planned to go back to JB, but it did no harm if I extend a few more days. So, i went to Pudu Raya to buy a ticket on Saturday and then went to Times Square to meet Zharif as planned to watch long waited movie, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. From my reading, the story is interesting as always but it's not when it's being translated on the scrin, the movie is long thugh! This time around, the movie offer more love stories, one after another rather than the essential essence of Harry Potter, MAGIC!

18 July 2009

Balik JB, Bas sepatutnya pukul 2.00, tapi lambat pkl 2.30 baru jalan. Kalau lambat x pe jugak, ni siap combine passanger bas pukul 1.30, dgn pkl 2.00 naik satu bas. Kecoh betul dgn pelancong dari indonesia yg nak jugak duduk dkt seat yg tertera kat ticket dia org. Nak ikutkan semua org mcm tu, tapi kat information kaunter tu kata free seating, lagi dia org nak kecoh2. Lagi pun, dia org nak ke Singapore....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The [precious]

definitely precious
but still
it's been wasted

Not talking about others
but my self
so many things has to be done
yet less had been accomplished

Time is running away
with a pace
that no one can ever catch up with
leave me behind
with no mercy

it's not the time
should be blamed
but the laziest creature
who play with time
that aren't made for that

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Truth...

It's Hard to tell the truth
It's even harder to reveal it

Sometimes the truth is not to be hear
but to be seek and discover

Searching for the truth and answer
Will not be easy
If the fundamental tool is no with you

Open mind and sincere heart
will help you understand and faith to believe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Some people says
Life is easy

But most people agreed that
It's not

From the day we were born,
till the day of our last breath,
there are so many obstacle
we need to face

Some of it we succeed,
but many of it we failed,
and many more to come.

People always says,
it's not the end that count,
but the turns that we take,
the path that we choose,
because from that we learned.

It's true,
but there are so many wrong turns that we take
yet, we'll still the same person as yesterday
or the day before yesterday

Changes is inevitable
but why i'm still the same
am i afraid of changing?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was carried away
By love
That never exists
I can forgive my self
If it happened for once
But it’s twice

I was blinded by the words
That sounds so good
So nice and sweets
Make my life wonderful
Like I’m living in the world that never end

But what they did was wrong
Playing with my heart with words
The wound is so deep
The only reason
No forgiveness from me

I was naive
or still naive
I may look nice
Sound nice
And soft hearted
But after all these
Make me evil
Make me bad
I think it’s time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The truth Will sET u Free...

The truth is everything,
It's like a light that shone on the road,
Help us to step with confident,
Without fear we move forward.

the truth hurt,
but believe me,
it's for the good.

When you hide it long enough,
it hurts more than you think,
the pain is unbearable,
like a sword that slash your body,
like a wound that never heal,
become a disease that never recover,
it's stick to the heart,
that one's never forget.

Before you hurt me more,
just tell me the truth,
it's painful,
but believe me,
i'm ready!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Up, up and Away...

At the moment I'm posting this entry,
some of my friends are away up in the sky,
embarking their new journey,
to the distant land,
away from home.

I'm being away from them,
make me unfortunate,
to see them for the last time,
to say good bye to them,
it broke my heart being unable to do so,
but anyway,
deep inside my heart,
i'll always remember them.

All the best my friends!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bila Tiba Masanya...

Bila pertama kali berjumpa,
semua terasa pelik,
ada yang ramah,
ada yang segan,
tak kurang juga mereka yang tak tahu malu!

Jalinan terbentuk,
selepas berpuluh kali berjumpa,
kepercayaan terbentuk,
bila beratus kali berjumpa.

Suka dan duka sering di kongsi bersama,
jalan yg penuh liku di hadapi bersama,
tekanan yg terasa menjadi ringan,
hanya kerana kehadiran mereka.

Tidak akan ku lupa,
gelak dan ketawa,
Akan ku ingat.
jeritan dan lalakan mereka,
Akan segar,
segala bunyi yang pelik sering kali terdengar,
Akan ku gelak kembali,
dengan lawak dan gurauan bersama,
Senyuman pasti terukir,
bila wajah mereka tergambar di minda.

Rasanya seperti semalam baru berjumpa,
berkenalan, berlawak-jenaka,
merajuk, beremosi, dan berkongsi cerita,
Namun itu semua hanyalah kenangan,
kerana semalam,
adalah hari terakhir kita bersama,
dan kini,
Masanya telah tiba.

Perjuangan masih belum selesai,
Tapi kini,
semuanya diambang perpisahan,
Bila tiba masanya,
Selamat tinggal harus ku ucapkan,
kepada mereka yg ku kenali,
kepada mereka yg ku percayai,
kepada mereka yg telah menambah warna kehidupan ke dalam diriku.

Terima kasih ku ucapkan,
kerana hehadiran kalian tidak sia-sia dalam hidup ku,
dan akhir kata,
Selamat Tinggal.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ItS been a while....

i feel so relieve the exam is over,
it's like a big chunk of stone being remove from my head,
life was so miserable,
and now there are so many things to be done,
to get back into track...