Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Luck...

Nothing much to say, and just want to wish my friends good luck in what ever they are doing now. Farhat, good luck with your submissions next week, you used to work under pressure and i'm sure you'll produce such a great drawing with your talent, and don't forget to shin-shining-shimering. As for Naguib, good luck with your tests, and the event that you and your friends are organizing, i'm sure it'll be a great event. And for my IMU friends, good luck with the sport carnival 'thinggy' that your guys organising.

For my friend in UK, study elok2, jgn asyik melancong jer, jealous aku tau......


Monday, February 25, 2008

If You Could SEE Me Now...

She likened it to a childhood crush, such strong, almost obsessive, feelings-but more, it had depth.

She felt attracted to everything about Ivan-the way he talked, the way he dressed, the words he used, his apparent innocence yet he was filled with a deep knowledge of wise insights. He always said the right things, even when she didn't want to hear them.

The darkness lifted from the end of her tunnels and she could suddenly see beyond. When he breezed into the room he brought clarity and brightness with him.
He was walking hope, and she could tell that things for her could be, not fantastic or wonderful or happily ever after, but that they could be OK.

And that was enough for Elizabeth.

If You Could See Me Now...

She couldn't prevent him from invading her thoughts.

He was welcoming himself into her arms even they weren't open; he was dropping by her home uninvited yet she couldn't stop herself from opening her door time and time again.

If You Could See Me Now...

I'd stood her up. Not intentionally. Not out of any malice but out of love.

Imagine not seeing someone because you loved them so much. Imagine hurting someone, making them feel lonely. angry and unloved because you think it's the best for them. All these new rules-they were making me doubt my abilities as best friend. They were beyond me, laws that i wasn't comfortable with at all.

How could i teach Elizabeth about hope, happiness, laughter, and love when i didn't know if i believed in those things anymore?

If You Could See Me Now...

Don't ever take for granted when people look in your eyes - you've no idea how lucky you are.

Actually, forget about luck, you've no idea how important it is to be acknowledged, even if it is with an angry glare.

It's when they ignore you, when they look right through you, that you should start worrying.

If You Could See Me Now...

When you drop a glass or a plate to the ground it makes a loud crashing sound. When a window shatters, a table leg breaks, or when a picture falls off the wall it makes a noise.

But as for your heart, when that breaks, it's completely silent. You would think as it's so important it would make the loudest noise in the whole world, or even have some sort of ceremonious sound like the gong of a cymbal or the ringing of a bell. But it's silent and you almost wish there was a noise to distract you from the pain.

If there is a noise, it's internal.

It screams & no one can hear it but you. It screams so loud your ears ring and your head aches. It thrashes around in your chest like a great white shark caught in the sea; it roars like a mother bear whose cub has been taken. That's what it looks like and that's what it sounds like, a thrashing, panicking, trapped great big beast, roaring like a prisoner to its own emotion.

But that's the thing about love - no one is untouchable. It's as wild as that, as raw as an open flesh wound exposed to salty sea water, but when it actually breaks, it's silent.

You're just screaming on the inside and no one can hear it

If You Could See Me Now...

She looked around at the view for another moment in silence.

'I used to hate this town, Benjamin,' a tear rolled down her cheek. 'I used to hate every single blade of grass on every hill, but he taught me so much. He taught me that it's not the job of this town to make me feel happy. It's not Baile na gCroithe's fault that i don't feel i fit in. It's doesn't matter where you are in the world because it's about where you are up here,'she touched the side of her head lightly.

'It's about the other world i inhibit. The world of dreams, hope, imagination and memories. I'm happy up here,' she tapped her temple again and smiled,'and because of that I'm happy up here too.'

She held out her arms and displayed the countryside around her. She closed her eyes and allowed the wind to dry her tears.

If You Could See Me Now...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Problem is just part of human life, they comes and goes as they pleased. People might be saying that, problem is nothing if we see it in the right angle (can anyone specified which angle is that, 90, 180 or 360 degree?). Well, it's true though when we accept the problem as a challenge, and perceive them as one of your 'teacher' for 'world survival' subject. It's does help you in the future if you face the similar problem. But sometime, to face it alone is really a burden on one's shoulder.

As for today, I really2 appreciate IMU warden, Kak Khairun and my friend Loqman, for helping me finding a new house mate for me (since I'm not in KL right now, so it's really kind of difficult to manage from far!!!). I really2 owe them (how about ice cream treat, would that be enough, huhuhu).

Anyway, his father complain quite a lot about the toilet, and a little bit worried about his son welfare there(i can sense through his voice). I'm might be exaggerating a little bit, but i found it quite annoying and not too polite when he want everything to be done in a blink of eyes. Fine, i called the house tenant, but he's currently not in town also, so what can i do then? So he said that today, he will take his son to the hotel and i'll be returning tomorrow ( tomorrow is the registration day), and i bet that i'll be receiving phone call/s from him tomorrow with unsatisfied tone, i'm very sure of that (pls forgive me if i've bad impression on ppl that i don't even meet)

Well, i can't blame his father either(yes, i put the blame on me!! so sad). I know how he felt to leave his son alone in this very new country and environment to him(did i ever mention his from Dubai?), and for the first time away from family, live alone(seriously alone since everyone in the house leaving for holiday). I knew his father worried for him, but what can i do?

At this particular moment, i'm thinking of going back to KL and help him around, but i really unsure for that( i just get back here few days back!!!!). Can anyone give me any suggestion? Please, persimpangan Delima ni........

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I just love Saturday, want to know why?
It's because, Saturday :
  • start of weekend
  • i can wake up late
  • i just love to watch cartoooooon on saturday, so many channels, so many choices!
  • used to go for band practice in EC(I missed all these, seriously and i still remember we used to make it possible even though it's holiday, huhu)
  • hang out with friends
  • sleep over Naguib house and of course meronggeng dgn Farhat and Naguib!!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Before i start 'merepek', the word hobby reminds me when i was in primary school, because i can say that this is really famous topic for essay writing, duhh!!

Anyway, when i was child, my teachers always say that having a hobby/hobbies is really good because it can avoid us from wasting our time(this is so my first point for essay, elaborate). Well, it's true but just recently i was thinking about this, doest it necessary involves an amount of money?

Of course hobby can be anything, from boring hobbies to interesting one! But usually the interesting one will come along with the usage of money for example, reading(hey, it can be interesting if you have a good imagination!!!). Yes, reading can cost you a lot, especially those who like to read their own books rather than borrowing it from library(this is so me ;D). For me, reading your own book give difference kind of satisfaction and you can take all the time in this world to finish your reading, and you can read it all over again as you pleased, or you can pass down the book to your kids(haha, tahan lah pulak buku tu kan!). To own the book, you need money and books and novels are not cheap (at least for me). Usually, 1 novel will cost around RM 30-35, it's affordable, but people who really love to read they can finish reading a book in 2/3 days, given that they have nothing to do!!

Besides reading, of course ada jer benda lain yg boleh di jadikan hobi+money, for instance bowling and ice skating....of course people don't play bowling and go ice skating everyday, but everytime you want to do it, you must have something in your wallet/pocket(money of course). But a few minute a go i thought 'peduli apa, guna duit ke tak ke, yg penting aku enjoy!!!'

oklah, tetiba rasa mengantuk lak!!

Istimewanya Dia...

A song i dedicate To those 'Special' people in my life
(Great formation by the way!)


Home at last after long months in KL. I took the bus at 10 am (21.2.08), and usually it will take around 5 hours for a bus to travel from KL to JB. Surprise surprise, today the bus driver only took 3 hours to arrive here in my lovely hometown. Everyone kind of 'terkejut' because i arrived early, especially my mom, which she's really worried because definitely the bus driver driving very fast. Well, it's nature of a mother to worry about their children, plus there are so many accident cases that involve buses nowadays. For me, of course i was pleased because i don't have to sit in the bus for 5 hours, and i just can't wait to be at home.......
what a relieved!!!!!

And as for the first day at home, nothing much i did today, but I'm sure tomorrow(today i guess) will be a whole new day to start something new(still hasn't figure out what would it be, hahaha). I has so many interesting idea that i want to do, and most of them are not approved by the M gender (pretty sure about that). Anyway, I'll be starting my elective on 10 March, yet still haven't plan what to do (rough idea adalah)

bANGAU, oh bANGAU!!!!

Tgh bANGAU sikit nie!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Life will never stop from the day you breath the first air into your lungs. I'm might be crazy, but I do believe it's true, well true enough for me to believe it. Anyway, what I try to say is that, no matter what we do to make our life stop, it'll still go on and on and on.....we can never stop that.

As we sail through the journey of life, there'll be people who always there for us, at least for me(of course my family and friends). As life goes on, these people will always stand tall for us no matter how far they are from us. Their support will never fade, even though they themselves having their rough day. My family and friends always there whenever i need them, and no doubt they will.

As life goes on, friends come and go, but family stay......And only those lucky ppl, some of their friends will stay. As for me, i have few friends like that(not saying I'm lucky though), which no need to mention who, because I'm sure they'll know once they read this, especially my special 3. They definitely will be there for me whether it's shine or rain(yes, i took this phrases somewhere).

But life goes on, I'll never know what path will be unfold before me, and I'm grateful enough to be blessed with the best family and friends ever!


After a month of tortured , and a week of waiting....Alhamdullilah, i pass my exam( NOT with flying colour though!!!), well at least the burden and all the palpitations i felt every single second, end for good(for sem 3, yes). Despite of being happy that i pass my exam, i'm sorry for my friend who didn't through this round, and i bet they'll do just great in their resit paper, i really2 do believe that!!!!

Well, talking about result, pass and fail, is it really important for anybody else to know our result?
Why are sometimes people being busy body with other people result? and what can they do if they knew the result? make some magic and change the result? will it work like that?

Hmmm, every individual will have different opinion on that matter. As for me, i'll let the person him/her self to chose whether he wants to share or not, his/her result with other ppl. If they don't want to, i'll understand, and i'll never ask any more question. But some ppl just won't satisfy with that, believe me, i knew those ppl, huhuhuhuh.....
Enough with my opinion,

I have a friend who have different opinion than mine. Here goes his....
He believed that it's important to know our friend result, on the ground that, he don't want the person who fail to feel left out when other people are celebrating. In that particular moment, he believed that, the person need a moral support or any kind of support, and he'll get one when other people know his/her situation(i has to agree on that). May be, because of that, many people keep asking until they found the answer that satisfy themselves

After quite sometime arguing, we concluded that every single individual is unique and have their own way to live their life, and as a friend we all should respect their choices, even sometimes we disagree with their decision. Even though, we can object their choices if we have solid ground reason, and that another story to tell!!!!!