Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Life will never stop from the day you breath the first air into your lungs. I'm might be crazy, but I do believe it's true, well true enough for me to believe it. Anyway, what I try to say is that, no matter what we do to make our life stop, it'll still go on and on and on.....we can never stop that.

As we sail through the journey of life, there'll be people who always there for us, at least for me(of course my family and friends). As life goes on, these people will always stand tall for us no matter how far they are from us. Their support will never fade, even though they themselves having their rough day. My family and friends always there whenever i need them, and no doubt they will.

As life goes on, friends come and go, but family stay......And only those lucky ppl, some of their friends will stay. As for me, i have few friends like that(not saying I'm lucky though), which no need to mention who, because I'm sure they'll know once they read this, especially my special 3. They definitely will be there for me whether it's shine or rain(yes, i took this phrases somewhere).

But life goes on, I'll never know what path will be unfold before me, and I'm grateful enough to be blessed with the best family and friends ever!

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