Friday, February 22, 2008


Before i start 'merepek', the word hobby reminds me when i was in primary school, because i can say that this is really famous topic for essay writing, duhh!!

Anyway, when i was child, my teachers always say that having a hobby/hobbies is really good because it can avoid us from wasting our time(this is so my first point for essay, elaborate). Well, it's true but just recently i was thinking about this, doest it necessary involves an amount of money?

Of course hobby can be anything, from boring hobbies to interesting one! But usually the interesting one will come along with the usage of money for example, reading(hey, it can be interesting if you have a good imagination!!!). Yes, reading can cost you a lot, especially those who like to read their own books rather than borrowing it from library(this is so me ;D). For me, reading your own book give difference kind of satisfaction and you can take all the time in this world to finish your reading, and you can read it all over again as you pleased, or you can pass down the book to your kids(haha, tahan lah pulak buku tu kan!). To own the book, you need money and books and novels are not cheap (at least for me). Usually, 1 novel will cost around RM 30-35, it's affordable, but people who really love to read they can finish reading a book in 2/3 days, given that they have nothing to do!!

Besides reading, of course ada jer benda lain yg boleh di jadikan hobi+money, for instance bowling and ice skating....of course people don't play bowling and go ice skating everyday, but everytime you want to do it, you must have something in your wallet/pocket(money of course). But a few minute a go i thought 'peduli apa, guna duit ke tak ke, yg penting aku enjoy!!!'

oklah, tetiba rasa mengantuk lak!!

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