Friday, February 22, 2008


Home at last after long months in KL. I took the bus at 10 am (21.2.08), and usually it will take around 5 hours for a bus to travel from KL to JB. Surprise surprise, today the bus driver only took 3 hours to arrive here in my lovely hometown. Everyone kind of 'terkejut' because i arrived early, especially my mom, which she's really worried because definitely the bus driver driving very fast. Well, it's nature of a mother to worry about their children, plus there are so many accident cases that involve buses nowadays. For me, of course i was pleased because i don't have to sit in the bus for 5 hours, and i just can't wait to be at home.......
what a relieved!!!!!

And as for the first day at home, nothing much i did today, but I'm sure tomorrow(today i guess) will be a whole new day to start something new(still hasn't figure out what would it be, hahaha). I has so many interesting idea that i want to do, and most of them are not approved by the M gender (pretty sure about that). Anyway, I'll be starting my elective on 10 March, yet still haven't plan what to do (rough idea adalah)

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