Sunday, February 24, 2008


Problem is just part of human life, they comes and goes as they pleased. People might be saying that, problem is nothing if we see it in the right angle (can anyone specified which angle is that, 90, 180 or 360 degree?). Well, it's true though when we accept the problem as a challenge, and perceive them as one of your 'teacher' for 'world survival' subject. It's does help you in the future if you face the similar problem. But sometime, to face it alone is really a burden on one's shoulder.

As for today, I really2 appreciate IMU warden, Kak Khairun and my friend Loqman, for helping me finding a new house mate for me (since I'm not in KL right now, so it's really kind of difficult to manage from far!!!). I really2 owe them (how about ice cream treat, would that be enough, huhuhu).

Anyway, his father complain quite a lot about the toilet, and a little bit worried about his son welfare there(i can sense through his voice). I'm might be exaggerating a little bit, but i found it quite annoying and not too polite when he want everything to be done in a blink of eyes. Fine, i called the house tenant, but he's currently not in town also, so what can i do then? So he said that today, he will take his son to the hotel and i'll be returning tomorrow ( tomorrow is the registration day), and i bet that i'll be receiving phone call/s from him tomorrow with unsatisfied tone, i'm very sure of that (pls forgive me if i've bad impression on ppl that i don't even meet)

Well, i can't blame his father either(yes, i put the blame on me!! so sad). I know how he felt to leave his son alone in this very new country and environment to him(did i ever mention his from Dubai?), and for the first time away from family, live alone(seriously alone since everyone in the house leaving for holiday). I knew his father worried for him, but what can i do?

At this particular moment, i'm thinking of going back to KL and help him around, but i really unsure for that( i just get back here few days back!!!!). Can anyone give me any suggestion? Please, persimpangan Delima ni........

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