Monday, July 27, 2009

The Animal Planet...

Mungkin anda semua tertanya-tanya, iols nak buat entry pasal binatang ke?

Hmmm, kalo nak jawab TAK, jawapannya YA, tapi kalo jawab YA, TAK sebenarnya.
Kalo nak tau kena lah baca entry iols ni sampai habis yerk!

Well, i guess this image doesn't need an introduction because definitely most of you guys know who is this supposed to be!

If your answer is ME, well that is correct!

10 Points for you

Let, see what/who else i have in line.....

This fren of mine is really 'chantum' (what he's believe he is), but everyone call him 'hodoh' if not in front of him, definitely behind his back!
Eventhough he's physically un attractive, but everyone love him as who he is, plus he has really nice and his funny character, other than 'jadi mangsa lawak kita orang'.
Back in school, and until now actually, some of us still call him with his animal name. Some of us just have the animal name, but for this special fren, he has an animal name with the country of origin, how cool is that!

Presenting to you.........

Katak Indon!

10 more points if your answer is correct!

Next animal is really big and furry, but not scarry though. He has very unique style of walking and really a nice person. Love to hang out with him cause definitely we make a lot of joke especially when the above animal is around, 'selalu dihangjingkan!'. Eventhough we didn't hang out soooo often, but every time we did, i had a good time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome......

Teddy Talez

This animal is really 'kecoh' and in old malay proverb would say, 'bertelur sebiji, riuh sekampung'. By that i'm 100% sure that all of you already claim your 10 points.
He's really a special fren, best fren I would say. We met during our first year in EC, when i joined the school marching band, and he was really2 want me to play trumpet, as he used to say, 'oh, senang je main trumpet ni. Awak buat bibir awak mcm awak sebut huruf M, MMMMM.... pastu awak tiup, mcm ni, MMMMMM....'(and of course, that time he's always with his handkerchief and this moment is not exceptional)

Can he bake??? Not so sure about that, be he can definitely fry!!!
well everyone can i guess....

This is what he's currently doing now, reading his way to secure his title...and kita semua yakin AWAK BOLEH!

If the hen in the picture above is completely comfortable in her 'nest', well my fren here need a larger one, as always and it's always be bigger when we met!

In addition to the hen, i have another best fren who come from the same family, bird. If hen can't fly, this one definitely can.

He's not only can fly, but he's already on his way to fame!(agak melampau ayat ni, x lah famous sgt pun! hahaha)

First clue!
(perlu ker???)

Koleksi peribadi tuan punya badan!!
Obses sgt katanya...

This talented bird make his first debut in Digi Advertisement when we call him 'just a dot'(seriously true! hehe) and 'a flash' in the second ads, McD.

The DOT advertisement!!!
(Not a Good picture, I know...Kalaulah iklan ni popular skit senang nak cari gambo)

What ever advertisement he's in or whether he's popular or not, he will always be my best frens. There so many moments together that I can never forget, not only the happy one, but also the moment when we share our fear and sadness.

Yg ni pun nak kekalkan Title Jugak!!

For whatever animal you are, i'm always happy and blessed to have you guys as my frenssss!!!

sOKLan Bonus

Sapa agaknya yg sesuai dgn character di atas????
Clue : Recent activity....


dutuwala said...

motif sgt kan...mesti dpt idea buat entry ni lpas bace blog kandryxx kannn....
nasib baik iols ni 'the dot' je...klu dpt conquer satu frame dh x kenal dh uols nih...haha...

for d last one tue...if it's black, i know who suits that animal best...tapi ni cerah je lah kat sesape...

Beaks of Hen and Parrot said...

cute tak iols dalam nest iols tuh..menjaga anak2 yg akan menetas ye..nurturing sangat yg last tuh iols tak tau sape nak dimasukkan kan..sorry..

opai said...


Yang last sekali tu, rasanya kat sekolah mmg x der animal name pun..
tapi recent party yg dia pergi ni, mcm sesuai sgt dgn character gambo tu yg Diva Divana!

dutuwala said...

parrot loves opai...

crescent said...

hahaha...serious klaka...arif kah???h1n1 sgt occay...

opai said...

crescent sgt hebat!!!!

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