Wednesday, July 23, 2008

can you simply say something is waste of time just because you don't like it?

i'm sorry if the title is too long...
but seriously,
that's what i'm going to mention in this entry...

when i was in high school,
i never ever like football,
and even until now,
but still i can watch it for few minutes,
but at that time,
i always thought that it's really waste off time playing football,
chase a ball among 11 other players,
and sometime,
the players do fight with one and another...
and for me,
that is really waste of my time.

i used to play games,
computer games especially,
but i grow up,
i played less and less game,
and up to one point,
i think,
by playing games,
i waste my precious time,
and sometimes
i just can't imagine,
how people enjoy playing games,
computer games, play station, wii,
and sit in front of the tv/pc for hours,
doing nothing than playing games...
well, if it for about an hour, i still can accept,
but more than that,
seriously waste of time...

then suddenly it's occurred to me that,
is it fair to say something is waste of a time,
just because u don't like it,
or just because u don't enjoy doing it?

seriously i don't know whether it's fair or not,
but my opinion is that,
if u don't like something,
but u see other people are enjoy doing it,
just leave them alone,
and don't try to 'hasut' other people to hate that things,
and don't even criticize people just because they like stuff that you aren't...
because not everyone is this world,
like every single little thing that you do,
so, just shut your mouth!

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add_asyraf said...

btul tue opai...kalo kite rase bende tue buang mase tapi ade org suke...biarkan jerlah...mcm kite...tak suke tunggu kandryxx lame lame nak bersiap...sbb buang mase tapi nak buat macam mane...seminit kite 10 minit die...huhu...