Friday, July 18, 2008


i pass my semester 4 exam,
eventhough i only managed to get B-, but i passed

B- is not so great,
hence i have too work very2 hard for my final semester(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

for the time being,
my schedule is very weird and busy...
this evening i'll have dance preactice and
i'll be going to Melaka tomorrow to Naguib's house for over the weekend,
and plus i still haven't even start writing my report and i've to submit it on Monday...

then on Tuesday,
i'll be going back to JB and will be right back in Kl on the following saturday,
and in JB i have to do my costume for the play on 1 August.

after that,
i'll be in KL for 2 weeks of rotation,
and then going back to JB again for GP posting in Kg Pasir for a week,
and 1 whole week for a holiday,
which all the boys are planning to go to Langkawi...
guys Langkawi, does is ring any bell?
But, i'm not sure whether i'm going or not...
it will all depends on the budget...
but, personally i think i should go, because i never been to Langkawi before,
huhuhu, sorry terBitch!

And last but not least,
i'll be starting my 5th sem, which is my last sem here,
before i say good by
to family, freinds and lovers! (bitch lagi!)
and InsyaAllah,
i'll further my study abroad,
and only Allah knows where.....

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2nd trumpet section leader said...

huh nih mak HAYAM nak komen..ahaha tapi mmg best lah kan opai..nak2 naik menara yg tinggi tuh..u luper citer apsal dia tny kita ni org kayeell..pastu yg stop kejap tgk akak celine yang sangat handal lagi mengujakan tuh ok..lain kali kita turun skali,ajak si parrot plak..sure happy jah dia..aha