Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramadhan 1429 - Day 3

can't believe I'm saying good bye to my tutor.

even though he's the kind that always scolded people,
always with his serious and fierce face,
and always call people stupid,
and if every time i walked pass him,
I would try to avoid making eye contact with him,
or worst,
I would run!

He's very strict person,
but I enjoyed his class,
even though my heart will beating fast,
and i would feel scare or nervous,
but I realize that,
i learned more.

He's person with many story,
with word of wisdom,
which bring me far across time and space,
he make me see the past,
peek over the future.

I know people will think i'm crazy,
but seriously for sure,
I'll be missing him.


2nd trumpet section leader said...

i can still remember, how fierce my BM and maths teacher was, 12 years back, Puan Norlelawati.

she taught us these two subjects, and she was the class teacher. for anyone who was faint-hearted, 4 biru was not the class to enter. she's a lioness. coming back to think about it, i guess it was due to her pregnancy, or what malay called as pembawakan budak. she could turn berserk if a simple mistake done by anyone in the class, and her face would turn so red like a burnt-crab, and she would yell and scream like hell, u can never imagine.

none of us had guts to disobey her. however, i was the one who often missed to do her homework. excuses, lies, stories, all were created, and u know, being a teacher she could simply tell if u're lying to her. she punished those who were lazy with her yummy 'long bread', which had measurement in cm on it, ahaha and it could break into two, if her nerves got to the max that when she swung the bread, u knew how painful would it be........

honestly, the most furious teacher i've ever had. but i know, deep in me, she was a good teacher.everyone of us scored well in maths, as well as bahasa, but never i told this to anyone. we were then unlike kids nowadays, so brave to say all facts right in ur i kept quiet, i knew she was awesome. as predicted, she continued to be our class teacher when we went to the next grade, standard 5.

Puan norlelawati, i wonder what u're doing now...i thank u for ur knowledge, and u'll be rewarded for pouring all u comprehend and wise about to us. ur rigidity, was then not realised to be a good moulder to us, but now i see it. it's when u're angry and fierce, that u can make us become human beings.

opai said...'s really a long an entry itself...kalah mak punya entry!

Anyway, there's always a reason why people behaving that way, being fierce and angry and it's simply because of love.....

2nd trumpet section leader said...

very true..she was really a teacher..wishing to see all her kids to grow up becoming somebody someday..

Beaks of Hen and Parrot said...

alaaaaaa uols nih...nih dah hari ke 9 dah...kenapa entry sampai hari ke3 jah???