Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ramadhan 1429 - Day 14 updated version

The 14th day of Ramadhan this year is the longest Ramadhan i ever had so far. It's actually a normal even organized by Muslim Society during Ramadhan, however it's more special today because they are combining Ihya' Ramadhan programme, Jr orientation and iftar together. The programme should start at 9.00am, but due to unforeseen problem it had been delayed about an hour. During the whole morning we had two talks delivered by two ustaz, one from UM and the other one from Binary college. The talk end around afternoon, then i went to carefour to by SOME groceries, and as schedule there will be a quiz at 2.00pm and unexpectedly, they put my name representing my batch, and it's quiz agama ok. So wrong to pick me for this quiz. But anyway, i masuk jah, and of course with other two of my friends (kalo tak mati mak...harus lari balik jb kan!!!). The quiz end at 3.30pm and we all straight to surau c for the orientation which start wih ice breaking. So, we start the activity after performing asar prayer together-gether. And it have been a legacy for IMU, for every event being organized for junior, the number of seniors who participate will definetly out number the junior. Anyway, as i'm not the OO os SM, so i randomly joined a group (not really random actually). As every other year, we'll having treasure hunt, but as it been done in the month of Ramadhan, the activity were plan to be more passive, instead of running, we walk. Fortunately, after 2 check points, it was raining quite bad actually, so the game had to be stop for safety reasons.

We know as we always listen that people say, for every single thing that happen, there's always a reason behind it. As for today activity, i think i can relate it to myself. since morning i've been accidently being close to someone i should be avoiding, especially from the carefour until the last check point in the game. And Alhamdullilah, it was raining, which i guessed Allah help me to stay away from that person. I'm sad, but it's good for me and i should be rejoice and grateful to Allah as HE help me stay away from comitting more sin, and it's seriously a long day!

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