Thursday, March 27, 2008

Past in Present

SO SORRY because lama gila tak update blog nie....huhuhu; well, I have been busy these past 2 weeks....

As you all knew that i been in the bread making class as a part of my elective activity, and i planned to learn how to cook for the next 1 week. I've planned all the dishes that i want to learn, but suddenly there was a few problems that stopping me from doing so; and i just managed to learn on Wednesday, and Thursday and total of 3 recipes.

Since i'm was unable to learn how to cook on Monday and Tuesday, I help my sisters and brother to pain the gates and all the tembok, and gosh, seriously tiring work and now i know what is the feeling of being all the contracter workers; to work in hot sunny day, all day long, everyday, it's just sooooo tiring.

And Saturday, ada wedding lagi, and it's my cousin's. The Akad Nikah ceremony was held in the morning at Masjid Jamek Kampung Melayu, and since my mom was the one who's is in charge for doing the 'barang hantaran' , we all been busy all the week to make it as beautiful as we can!!!
and of course it's absolutely wonderful as the pink purple as the colour themes. As any other typical malay wedding, ada jamuan tgh hari for family and friends, and it's held in Dewan Besar Kg Melayu, and i was in charge to pick up all the used polystyrenes and throw it away.
AND yg tak puas hati sikit tue, mcm aku sorang jer yg buat kerja 'DBKL' tue, well ni apa yg aku rasa lah...harap2 sedara mara yg terbaca post ni jgn lah kecik hati lak! and seriously hari yg sgt2 memenatkan! Eventhough penat, tapi mlm tu sempat lagi bershopping kat city square and bus ticket to kl for the next day!

I Told You I Was Busy!

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