Monday, March 17, 2008

Bread Story

During the last weekend, i went to bread baking class. Apart of doing it for my elective, i went because i kind off like doing it. The class cost me RM 200 for 2 days and i got nearly 18 patterns of bread(not recipe, just pattern) and different kind of filling. Of course i been surrounding by mak cik-mak cik, but they were nice to me and definitely they all are expert doing thing like that. Well, not the best part is that i didn't take any picture of me doing the bread (1. my camera weren't with me, 2. my sister camera kind of ting tong at the moment, but i still bring her camera, 3. i don't want to dirty her camera, and she will be piss off, 4. everyone is busy doing their bread, so no one are free to take my picture, wish i have a cameraman)
Anyway, here are some pictures of my handmade breads, seriously!!!


Ahmad Zharif bin Ahmad Zahir said...

wahhhhh naufalll meriahhhhh!!! bestnyerr.....berisi gle cuti ko!!! i LOYKE!!! ish jelessnyer......wat byk2 nnt aku nk rasa....hehs (keje melantak je aku neh)...heeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

jgan lupe buat 4 4ekor setan eyh...
x saba nak rase air tgn naufal..
but make sure that u sanitize first