Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Day I'm 22 (yesterday :D)

22 is a big number for me and i don't even feel that I'm 22(maybe I'm not ready to be 22, huhu).

Anyway, in these 22 years so many things happened and some of it not worth to remember, while many of it I've to remember forever, although some of it might be a little bit bitter to swallow. In fact, I'm living in the world of my own where it's opposing the main stream way of life, the norm of life. I've to secretly hide almost everything of my self, i just can't be my self in public. It's not that I'm a hypocrite person, it's just that people can' know who am I. Life experience thought me to be like this, it happened once in secondary school, which I'm almost lost a friend.

Losing a friend might not be a problem, but i just don't want to face the consequences if i tell everyone everything. I might as well living in a very hard time, totally different world if everyone know. So, to keep everything in place, i just have to be quite and normal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hypocrite, there's something that i just can't let it go beyond my mouth. It's something only God and I know(and of course a few other)

Anyway, I'm hoping a year ahead will be a great year for me, and i hope i can learn more from life experience!

Happy Birthday Naufal!

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