Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Next Day!

As i mentioned in previous post, that i was looking for the bus ticket to go to KL on the next day, and seriously many of the bus ticket for morning departure is sold out, and thank God there was still a bus that the timing just nice which is at 9.30 am, the yellow bus, causeway link bus. So, since tak der choice lain, i bought the ticket that night....

And on Sunday morning, after breakfast, tetiba jer uncle Rahim ajak tumpang dia. Well, saya tak nak salah kan sesiapa, tapi just meluahkan apa yg terbuku jer....and seriously ajakan itu membuat saya serba salah, tiket dah beli, and kalo 24 cent tak per jugak, ni RM 24 tak pasal2 membazir lak.
So, i was decided to go by bus jer, senang cerita tak menyusahkan org lain, tapi saya takut uncle Rahim tersinggung pula! But as i remember, on Friday night before the wedding, saya ada bagi tau uncle Rahim yg saya akan balik on Sunday, kenapa masa tue dia tak ajak terus? Muskhil kan!

But anyway, naik bus sampai dlm pkl 1.30pm, and kemas2 sikit terus keluar pergi last minute shopping dgn farhat and amri kat sungei wang, but before that i had my lunch at the pavillion, over kan! the last minute shopping tu before ke P.Perhentian that Sunday Night. So balik dlm pkl 6.00, and sampai rumah terus packing barang.

Seriously tak sabar nak pergi, tahu-tahu je lah kenapa kan!

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