Friday, August 15, 2008

TaG fRom kAndrxx...

1. Story behind your MySpace song?
hmmm...I tak der account MySpace, so tak der lagu lah kan!

2. Whats bothering you right now?
kecantikan diri Iols yg tersangat cantik, ramai org jealous...

3. Do you close the door when you pee?
duuuhhhh, of course!!!!


4. Wallet?
Brown in colour, sgt lelaki...???

5. Wallpaper on your computer's desktop
Gambo Band masa KLWMBC

6. Background on your cell phone?
The incredibles, sebab sgt comel lambang 'I' tu!!!

7. Jewelry worn daily?

8. Where your default picture was taken?
dEfault pIc fOr wHat???hUrm...
mcm pernah jumpa jawapan, tapi di maan ya!

9. Eye color?
Hitam itu bergaya!

10. Life:
is mystery not misery..

11. House:
menumpang jah kat rumah yg beso ni!


12. Doing this weekend?
rasanya nak menyundal!

13. Wearing?

biarlah rahsia...

15. Where are you?
atas kerusi..

16. Listening to?

17. Have you ever hugged or kissed anyone lately?

18. What do you smell like?

19. Eating?

20. Besides your bed, what is your favorite things?
my everything!

21. Do you believe in a soul mate?
ya kot

22.Do you sleep naked?

23. Do you remember your dreams?
not always, yg best jah i ingat

24. Do you believe dreams come true?
when u work hard enough,may be!

25. Do you believe in miracles?

26. Do you burn easily in the sun?
senang gila!

27. Do you speak another language other than English?
bAhasa mother tounge

28. What's something you wish you could understand better?
my self!

29. What did you do last weekend?
went to my aunt's house in Kajang

30. Who do you miss?
******* ****** ******
(nama penuh tu, tekalah)

31. Have you ever been in a car crash?
so far, belum!!

32. Orange or apple juice?

33. Who were the last people you went somewhere with?
my mom, balik from klinik tadi

34. What was the last text message you received?
when r u coming back here?

35. Last text message you sent?
most probably by the end of next week

36. Last time you ate a home grown tomato?
tomato's not my favorite

37. What is the closest thing to you that is blue?

38. What was the last thing you ate?
dah jawab kan soalan ni tadi!!!

40. Whose house did you go to last night?
my own house!

41. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
Jeloh a/p Muresat

42. Do you like someone right now?
haruslah, dah rindu2 mestilah suka...duhhh

43. What do you wear more, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants?

44. What is the last movie you watched?
X-files, and seriously waste of time and money

45. Have you ever heard of the band Sweet Garden

46. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?

47. Coach or NFL game tickets?

48. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
because his lips as sweet as apple....

49. Do you believe that you can change someone?
hUrm...nOt sUre...

50. Do you want someone you can't have?

Penatlah jawab soalan ko ni.......
i nak pass kat sape lak nie...


add_asyraf said... i know opai sweet as apple...hurm...

Anonymous said...

seronoknya tgk u all bercuti.....dan seronok tgk all the food....i miss malaysian food!

k zura bahrain