Saturday, August 30, 2008

ExPEcT tHE uNeXpEcTed...

Second day, snorkeling in Payar Island which cost RM 140 per person with our boat, 'exclusively our' plus packed lunch. So, around 10.00 am we left the jetty for the Payar Island. The reached there after 45 mins in our 'exclusive boat'. We quite disappointed actually because we expect to much from this snorkeling trip, but anyway, the fishes here are quite colorful plus sharks that swim very-very near us during the 'feeding time'. Anyway, i'll upload the picture when i got the copy from my freinds.

We left the Island around 3.30 pm and rest at our apartment. Later in the evening we went out for window shopping. Well I'm actually don't have any budget for shopping......

First destination

-langkawi parade-

dah puas jalan2 kat sini, kita org carilah masjid nak pi sembahyang
pas tu sambung lagi, tapi kat tmpt lain pulak, dekat pkn kuah

-banyak gila coklat, rasa mcm nak curi jer-

-Ingat tak kedai ni???-

so, bila dah penat cuci mata, mestilah lapo kan???sapa lapo angkat tangan!!!!Finally, during the 2nd night kita org makan jugak kat restaurant ni, and the food boleh tahan lah!!!!

-tea O ice Limau, tapi i'm still confuse kenapa dia bagi sudu sekali??-

Word of a day!!!

Kedai Kena Pangkah

-kedai camera baang!!!-
kedai ni mmg kena pangkah habis-habisan, seriously!!!!

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