Saturday, August 30, 2008

The UnExpeCted jOurNeY !!!!

Sem 4 holiday,
Lama dah plan Nak pergi Langkawi,
Kepalanya Azraq Dgn Bantuan Fir, the Langkawi people!
BUT the journey is more than i expected plus disappointment.....
So, uols semua nak tahu apa yg terjadi???
-From JB to KL-

I went back early to KL as I have a reunion gathering at Palo's place on Saturday, 23 August 2008, which we had a very fantastic time together, chatting and catching up with each other life. I went back on Friday together with Aizat and Ezzat and we did hang out together with Helmi later in the evening at the Pavilion KL. So, Friday marked my routine journey from south to the central of Malaysia.

-From KL to Perlis-

The planned was to take bus from KL to Kangar, unfortunately all the ticket to Kangar was sold out for Sunday night, 24 August 2008. It was a very hectic place for Aizat, Ezzat and I to search for the ticket from one counter to another. Still i can't believe it, the ticket was sold out!!! So,i called Zaquan and few minutes later, they all decided to drive to Perlis. So, on Sunday night, we (Adam, Zaquan, Baang and I) travel from Central of Malaysia to the North, and seriously this is my first time going north with friends. Before reaching Perlis, we went to kedah to fetch Sit who came from Kelantan. We leave KL around 11.00 pm and reach Kedah around 5.00 am, then we performed our Subuh prayer somewhere in Perlis then breakfast.


S$, these is our breakfast, nasi lemak yg comel, huhu. Well actually we had eaten something in Kedah, so after these breakfasts i'm quite full!!!! Suddenly, without any warning, it's raining very heavily, and we stay for a few minutes to wait for the rain to stop but it didn't, so we just continue our journey to Zaquan's house in Kg Permatang Bongor (Adam lupa nak tutup tingkap kereta dia, so basah sikit, jom ramai2 gelak kan dia, hahahaha). Sesampainya di sana, kena makan lagi, but seriously i already full and can't eat anymore, but Zaquan parents insist so i just mkn cempedak goreng jer, tu pun sebiji, huhuhu...terasa jahat pulak, tapi seriously kenyang ok!

-Terminal Feri Kuala Perlis-

After breakfast at Zaquan's place, we went straight to the above place, Terminal Feri Kuala Perlis. We arrived there around 9.00 am, but the ferry left already so we have to wait for 1 hour for the next ferry and the ride cost us RM 18.00. So, sesapa yg tak cukops tido tu, sambung lah tido kat jeti ni!!! Azraq was already in Langkawi since Saturday, and they asked us to come as early as possible without saying why, and every time we called they will asked the same thing and we all were very clueless!!!


-NI bAANG!!!-

-ni Sit, Kembar Baang! huhuhu-

-kenapalah mulot aku ternganga nio???-

OK, the most worst ferry riding in my life was this one!!!! They said it usually take only about 45 mins from the jetty to Langkawi, but the ferry that we took that day broke down and it's take time to fix it and we took 2 hours before reaching Langkawi!!!!! Mak oi, terumbag-ambing aku kat dlm ferry tu, pening, pening!!!! So, we all reached Langkawi around 12.00 pm, and Azraq and Fir were already there waiting for us. Then we had lunch and straight to MRSM Langkawi, because we staying there and it's lame, that what etolzz said, me nO comment!!!.

-the one on the right is Adam-

-tAK larat, pening!!!-

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