Monday, February 15, 2010

When the madness come…


It’s been awhile I haven’t been actively update my blogs. Yes, I enjoy writing even though I know my language is not that good, but every time I made an entry, I feel the satisfaction.

It was a very hectic period of time, adapting to the new place, learning in new system and environment, weather especially. Exam is the main focus, and even at the moment I’m doing this entry, there’s another one more paper to be done with.

Failing is not a good feeling at all. It’s just like world fall before your eyes. Even been giving a final last chance, the feeling is not the same as you sitting for the first one. Hate to admit, but I have bad feeling about this.

Yes, I received tremendous support from family and friends so that I can go on. But sometime, reality is real, and hard to face it and I hope I don’t have to face it twice in 4 weeks time. If it does happen, believe me I don’t know how to react.