Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Worth A Penny...

This entry is not for making someone look bad, it's just how I feel at the situation. If it's does hurt anybody, I do apolagize.
Already had a plan in my mind to come to london after my QE, but it's never been finalise and said out loud because I thought I might be changing my mind at the very last minute (very typical of me I guess). I was thinking of visiting friends and going places in London. Three days before my last paper, a friend from London called and I did mentioned to him that I might be going to London after the paper, but need to check first when is my paper as at that moment, the schedule hasn't been published. I explained to him that I might be going and by listened to his voice, he seems excited and said that he has nothing to do during the weekend.
That is when it goes wrong.
Lessoned no. 1, don't say anything about something if you haven't made your mind yet.
Finally, the grouping for my last paper is out and mine was on thursday. Still, no decision been made. Later that evening, he called to ask how I did in my paper, and once again he mentioned that he has no plan over the weekend and asking me to come, and yet my reply was still the same. But, I feel the guilt as giving a false hope to my friend and I was unease that night thinking about that. The next morning, I check the ticket and the price still the same as I looked a week ago, and for me it's expensive as I can get a lot cheaper price. A LOT MORE!
But then, because of the guilt I made my mind to go to London on Friday, 12.00 pm. I booked return ticket, 7.25 pm for an hour journey. Then, I texted my friend saying that I'll be coming. He then called me saying he already have plan but I can stay in his place and make it my own. Thanks, I really-really do appreciate that. But, my mind was really hay wired at that time as it's doesn't go with the plan. As I said, I really do appreciate the offer and indeed I stayed there for a night alone. The point I tried to make here is, is it worth it paying such ticket to be alone the whole night? I can be alone in my room, and don't even have to travel this far for that.
There's a lot more to mention, but I just can't go on. It's me who will be hurt in the end. Wasted Saturday, not worth a single penny.