Friday, November 21, 2008


No one ask for one,
But it come over and over again,
Like a disease,
But without a sign.

It comes with reasons,
Clear or not,
It's our duty to find out,
To reveal the mystery behind.

I Breath,
I Live,
To See tomorrow...
Will I succeed, or will I failed,
Either one of it,
Will transform me,
to a new person,
But the question is,
will I be a better person, or worst?

The man of faith and believe,
Which I'm trying to be,
deep inside my heart,
I believe,
this is my test from Allah,
And He know that I can handle it, InsyaAllah.

Pressure will remain a pressure,
To be remembered,
To learn,
To discover,
The Beauty behind.


fida_gfm said...

really inspired one's...perception...

opai said...

thanks...sometimes, our thought and feeling should be express...