Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Di kAla TertekaN...

Maaf kan saya kalo entry saya lately bunyinya agak tertekan, sebab saya mmg tertekan pun sekarang. First of all, exam is approaching and i'm getting seriously nervous right now. I know, may be you will asking, "when i syour exam?" Well mu final exam will be next year, 5 Jan 2009 and today is 29.10.2008, and seriously it's not that long to wait for that date! I'm not ready for the exam that is for sure, plus all other tekanan which somehow i really really really really don't know how to eliminate them. I'm just too stress and tense up lately, i don't know how to handle it anymore and sometimes i forgot who i'm. I'm not usually like this, at least i know what i'll do when i'm facing the same scenario, but this time, i'm just helpless......I'm so sorry u all have to read about all this crappy thing that i typed, but seriously i don't know who i can talk to or i just don't know how to talk to them, i just don't know where to start. I know at the moment many people are having their hard time as many will be facing their final too, so i don't think it's really proper for me to bother them with my problemss. crazy lah all this things!

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